Perfect Day by Lou Reed Guitar Chords

Learn the chords to Perfect Day by Lou Reed

This year will mark 50 years since Lou Reed’s Transformer album was released. After giving it another spin I remembered I used to play Perfect Day a lot. Plenty of chords to enjoy, I’ve put a little tab and some chord boxes in the video embedded above. Give it a go!

Learn Enchanted by Taylor Swift

Learn to play Taylor Swift’s Enchanted

Yes, that’s right, another Taylor Swift lesson. In my defense it’s a great song from a great album and I’ll probably cover the whole album over time… Enjoy?

Learn to Play Back to December by Taylor Swift

I’ll admit it, I’m a fan of Taylor Swift and the album that got me there was Speak Now, released back in 2010 I was surprised at how quickly it became one of my most listened to albums. I think the guy that produced it and performed a number of instruments on the album did a cracking job and the vocal harmonies are brilliant throughout.

ANYWAY I didn’t come here to explain myself, I came here to share a video where I walk through the chords on guitar for Back to December by Taylor Swift. A country pop song in D major!

learn back to December on guitar

Learning Guitar with Fender Play: Is it worth it?

Yeah, but IS it the easiest way? Read on!

Okay, so I’ve been a private guitar teacher in the past and my fee was £20 for an hour, which was cheap for my area. But that’s far from cheap if you want lessons every week so my students tended to be children with wealthy parents and wealthy retired dudes! There’s nothing wrong with that but I think everyone should be able to pick up and noodle; and enjoy learning an instrument.

Times have obviously changed since I was doing that and now the internet plays a huge role in the development of many a musician from all backgrounds, and I’m hoping my videos on YouTube add value to some peoples guitar journey. I’m not alone however and adverts across the internet are thrusting Fender’s Play app/system/lessons at me wherever I go.

My own personal guitar journey started with me using an old one my mum had stashed in the loft, and then promptly giving up, then taking it back up again a couple of years later having saved some paper round money and selling my Amiga 500. As I’d bought my own guitar that gave me my motivation as it was the most money EVER spent in the history of time (£120… ah to be young…)

So what are you’re options starting out?

  • Private lessons: This is the most expensive option with half hour lessons being around £15 or more
  • Learning by ear: This is the most punishing one but has fantastic long term benefits, but why punish yourself using just this method? Are you mad?
  • Your brother’s mate: Not available to everyone but this is a way to get some free lessons, or at least a couple of chords, maybe some motivation to get better than him?
  • YouTube: Tonnes of lessons, tab, walkthroughs etc. Including mine HERE (Go on, give me some likes and subscribe, tell me what you want to learn!)
  • ArtistWorks: A unique interactive place to learn a number of instruments from some pretty well revered musicians! I like this in theory, but I think you’re better off learning from many people rather than one. Ranges from $23 – £35 a month (£17 – £27)
  • Fender Play: Lessons, song tutorials, guitar tab and “guided” learning. A Fender Play monthly subscription costs £9.98, or you can sign up for a full year for £89.99, which works out to just £7.50/month

But is it worth it?

Considering what I’ve said above about private tuition costing £20 or $30 a week, and endless free resources online it might be difficult to gauge. With that said for the price it’s cheaper than private lessons and there is a ‘system’ to follow and an app that tracks where you’re up to. Personally I can’t stand having excessive apps on my phone as I’m always having to clear the cache to free up space! But my handset is pretty basic, so again, that’s down to personal preference (isn’t it all?)

They do have introductory offers like 50% off an annual plan or a two week free trial which is well worth a go (so long as you remember to cancel if it’s not of any use to you!) Personally I’m a sucker for an introductory trial, I think I get a couple of months of Amazon Prime free every year just by starting then cancelling. With that said, if you signed up and found it compelling and worthwhile then that’s a win-win for you. Any resource you can use to make you feel happy, comfortable and playing your instrument is worth it in my view.


In short, how you learn will likely end up being a melting pot of lessons, seeing live music, watching things online and hell – being shown things in person! Some people want to just go out and busk, others like me will find themselves finding joy in writing songs of their own -whatever your journey I hope it includes my input, check out my shorts playlist below and get some new chords under your belt and check out some of my lessons online. And if you can afford to give Fender play a go, let me know how you get on in the comments! I think it’s pretty good value, particularly when combined with the all encompassing thirst for improvement and combined with other learning methods. Over time you’ll find your own way and routine, but if Fender Play, ArtistWorks or plain old YouTube lessons work for you then crack on!

The Fender Play links above are affiliate links so if you sign up via the link they’ll chuck me a couple of quid for the referral, the idea being that it’ll support my ability to keep making videos and lessons. I’m new to this online malarky so thought it’d be worth trying some things!

Why not try learning some chords and just having a go?! Come on, learn with me!

Chord Boxes

So after almost 100 videos in 8 weeks demonstrating guitar chords and some general guitar lessons I figured I should probably post the chord boxes I’ve been using in my videos! I’ve added them as a public post on my BMAC page which can be found here:

you can find the original videos posted here, don’t forget to check the video description for more musical tidbits!

advanced and extended chords for guitar

Beginner Guitarists Guide to the Major Scale

This is my guide to the major scale for beginners. Hopefully it’s pitched at the right level as I hope to expand upon the subject over the coming months! I’ve included some exercises to try out at the end for those who are new to playing scales.

Andy’s guide to the major scale

Major Scale Memory Hack

Okay, so maybe it’s bold to call it a “hack”, but there are only 7 out of 12 notes in the major scale and you can play along with anyone in any key if you remember/learn the intervals. Without further ado I present…

Learn the major scale intervals! Easy!

Bowker – My old “coastal rock” trio

When I was young it seemed that life was so magical… Some years ago, one of the best friends a man can have and myself found a like minded idiot who played the drums and we set out to just make big loud music that we could gurn to. We did this for a couple of years before family life became a new priority for me (parenthood!)

Anyway, I’m still particularly proud of the 5 singles, the 5 track EP and our debut album ‘Sail to the Deep’. We had the best time rehearsing, recording and gigging those songs, experimenting with different pedalboards, eating snacks, experimenting with homebuilt baritone instruments. It was precisely what you’d want if you could dream of a band.

Unfortunately it didn’t last but our music is still out there and gets the occasional stream. If you’re at all curious you can find it on all the usual online streaming places such as Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer etc:

Learn the chords to Guitar Man by Bread

I recorded a very swift run through of the chords to each section of the song Guitar Man by Bread. I’ve included chord boxes in the video for those unfamiliar with chord names. Most of the chords are easy, just a couple of minor7 Barres to contend with!

Guitar Man by Bread Chords for Guitar

How to Tune Your Guitar to Open G!

There will come a time when you’re stuck creatively or you come across a song that doesn’t quite sound right when you try to work it out or learn to play it. Well, welcome to the world of alternative tunings my friend – you can have a real blast with these, get your fingers into some different chord shapes and EMBRACE THE DRONE. My particular favourite song to play in this tuning is What Will You Say by Jeff Buckley. Anyway, the video below is a demonstration on how to get your guitar into open G, and back out again for when you want to be back in standard 🙂

How to tune to open G on a guitar

Learn to Play Extended Chords on Guitar

I have created a playlist of chords and continue to add to them where I demonstrate the chord along with a chord box, and an illustration of the notes that are being played and their relationship to the major scale.

Learn to Tune to Open D on Guitar

As you get more comfortable on the guitar and your repertoire expands you’ll either want to experiment or you’ll come across something you want to play in a different tuning. Well, don’t get stuck, I’ve put together a video explaining how I get into Open D tuning and back up to standard on guitar. For many this will be a gateway to a world of alternative tunings on the guitar!

How to tune to open D on guitar

Learn to Play Carole King on Guitar

It’s Too Late by Carole King from the Tapestry album is one from my childhood. A total classic from my parents record collection that’s seeped in personal nostalgia, and now, as a grown up, INCREDIBLE lyrics!

What else it has is MAGNIFICENT chords, which I go through in the video below.

learn to play Carole King’s it’s too late on guitar